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When you need a miracle - Miracles R Us

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The job market has become exceedingly competitive over the past few years, with several employment seekers becoming despondent when applying for one position after another and in most cases, not even receiving a callback for an interview. In fact, a number of people have said, “they need nothing short of a miracle” to land a job that will allow them to emigrate and give their families a better life.

Miracles R us!

Although many people define a miracle as something that occurs as a result of a divine power, the truth is that the type of miracle that’s needed to secure better employment comes in the form of a professionally written résumé or CV.

miracles us

Your Miracle is your CV

Your CV is the first thing potential employers will see, so it must be presented appropriately – especially if you want to stand out among hundreds of others applying for the same position as you.

Below is just one example of how a correctly formatted CV helped provide one job applicant, Natasha van Zyl, with the miracle she needed in the form of a new job in Canada. Here is her testimonial:

“What do I say besides thank you again! Have sent my résumé to one of the major communications companies in Canada and was requested a day later to complete an online assessment. 2 Days after completion of the online assessment I received an email requesting a telephonic pre interview and a few days later had a final interview. Today, 1 week later I received the email informing me that I’ve been successful and their HR department will contact me within the next week! It took me less than a month after you redone my CV to a résumē that I have been successful! Thank you again, definitely worth every cent I paid.”

A Professional Résumé is Crucial

Before applying for any more positions, it’s essential to get your CV in order. It should be no longer than 2 to 3 pages and this space must be used to highlight the skills required for any positions you intend applying for.

As a professional CV writer with more than 13 years’ experience, I can provide you with a CV that will attract the attention of recruiters and HR representatives for all the right reasons. My job is to work directly with you to help make your career dreams the reality you desire.

Over the years, I have assisted thousands of people by highlighting their job skills and experience in such a way that it makes recruiters and HR specialists want to get to know more about them – in many cases, without even scheduling a face to face meeting. Several success stories can be read on my blog from a number of satisfied clients.

If you are keen to make a career change and provide your family with the fresh start they deserve in a new country, contact me today so we can take the first steps needed to get your CV noticed by the right people as quickly as possible.


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