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Keep Your CV Simple!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Keep it simple!

Simple and easy to read – this is the recurring message I hear from HR personnel, hiring managers, recruiters and business owners when they talk about CV/Résumés.

Regardless of the country or the industry – the principles are ALWAYS the same.

1 – Short, Sharp and Snappy

Don’t go over three pages if you can possibly help it. The reader won’t spend longer than 20 or 30 seconds on your CV/Résumé, so make sure they absorb a LOT of the crucial information in that time.

2 – Contactable Referees

NEVER include the words – Referees by Request. I have never heard of a company contacting an applicant for their referees, so if it happens, it’s rare. HR personnel will often call referees before they ever contact you. As one HR manager told me

“I personally phone References to confirm employment, confirm duties, length of service, personal character traits and work ethics.”

3 – Qualifications

Qualifications must be prominent and not at the end of your CV/Résumé. Employers want to know if you are qualified to do the job, before they waste time reading through your entire CV.

4 – Work History / Previous Experience

Don’t write an essay. Use short, easy to read dot points to break down the work tasks. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes, they could ruin your chance!

5- Length of Service

Avoid including short-term jobs unless they are crucial to your CV/Résumé. Employers want to see commitment to a position; they do not want to waste time and resources on training someone who will leave a month later.

6 -Computer Competencies

Include any software and systems experience, even if you are not in an ICT sector.

There are so many pitfalls, which is why it’s really important to hire a CV/Résumé writer with actual writing qualifications, years of professional writing experience and a proven track record.

That’s me!

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Client feedback


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