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The Most Important 20 Seconds of your Job Application

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Twenty Seconds is all it Takes

There is a misconception about the job application process, which results in lost opportunities for many job seekers. You are only given an average of twenty seconds to grab the reader’s attention.

You want to believe the HR personnel are sitting quietly at their desks, surrounded by doves and unicorns, while the soft sound of harp music wafts calmly through the air. They page slowly through your CV, reading every word, spending the time required to take it all in.


The reality is VERY different!

The truth is most likely a pile of CVs – often literally hundreds to sift through. The HR personnel have to flick through the mountain of paperwork while answering calls, assisting junior staff and responding to client enquiries. It is often more multi-tasking chaos than calm – so our goal is grab their attention, in less than twenty seconds.

They are not reading your CV from cover to cover if there are more than three pages.

Job Applications have changed!

Nobody is taking the time to absorb all the information, the huge blocks of text, the unnecessary fluff – they want short, sharp, bite-sized bits of information that provide them with what they need without having to pore over pages and pages.

Employers don’t need your entire history from kindergarten, they only need to know what is relevant and important to them.

We must provide them with what they need straight up, so hopefully they turn the page.

Make those twenty seconds count with a perfect first impression.

Is your CV working for you?



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