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How Long is Your CV?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Size matters!

In this case, long is wrong.

How long is your CV?

CV too long

If your CV is longer than two or three pages, in many, many cases the employer won’t even open it and you may as well not apply for the job. Your CV tells employers a lot about you – read more here.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of employers and recruiters and they all agree. Nobody has time to read through pages and pages of long, drawn-out life history. They want to see a short, powerful representation of you on paper.

No nonsense

Where you have performed similar or the same jobs, combine them to save space.

*Don’t include irrelevant qualifications or jobs *Never include schooling unless you have only just left school *Avoid any details about your hobbies, relationship status, number of children or religion *Don’t include a cover page (not the same as a cover letter), it’s completely unnecessary *Never include a photo unless you are applying for a job as a model *Only include visa or citizenship status if it affects your employer *Don’t include jobs that were more than twenty years ago, unless they are very applicable to the job you are applying for *Certificates or written references are not required – just list your qualifications and licences and the name and contact details of references.

Good luck with the job hunt everyone.


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