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Which CV Writer is Controlling Your Future?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

It seems every week there is another new CV writer out there in internet land, each one coming from nowhere with few referrals and very little writing background. They sense an opportunity to make an easy buck because they wrote their partner’s CV using a “template they found online.”

And now they are an expert.

Remember – your CV writer is holding your future in their hands, literally. The words they type will be influencing decisions involving you and affecting your family.

Do your research - Choose the right CV Writer

It’s certainly worth doing some quality research.

Before you commission a CV writer- ask them to share their writing and employment experience with you.

What qualifies them to write CVs? How long have they been writing? What is their employment background? Do they have a feedback rating on their Facebook page? What are clients saying about their work?

I have been writing CVs for ten years, and writing professionally for more than twenty years prior.

Are they a Writer?

I am a qualified and experienced newspaper journalist, magazine writer, author, business coach and professional CV writer. I have a solid background in the employment industry, with experience in reverse marketing, career development, training, public speaking and recruiting.

My CV writing began in Mount Isa during my time as a career development officer. I began working with employers to secure positions for long-term unemployed and “difficult” clients. I would hear constant moans about the terrible standard of CVs- spelling and grammar mistake, shoddy writing and presentation that “looked like a dog’s breakfast.”

Frequent liaison with employers, HR personnel and recruiters ensures my product meets the requirements in the market.

I am passionate about delivering my clients the best opportunity to get further in the employment process. A CV can’t guarantee anything, but after re-writing dozens of CVs originally written by other CV writers, I am convinced that my product will deliver a better chance than most.


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