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Beat the CV / Résumé Scanners (ATS)

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

ATS - Applicant tracking systems

ATS are CV/Résumé scanners, used by many companies of various sizes, to automatically reduce the pile of applicants.

Here are my top tips for beating the ATS scanner

– Simple formatting is CRUCIAL, don’t use multiple columns or other weird formatting

– Your CV/Résumé must be a Word doc, not PDF

– Include key words in a sensible way, don’t resort to tricks like teeny tiny fonts or white text on a white background, that’s just silly nonsense

– No borders

– No colours

– No tables

– No graphs

– No images

– No curly, fancy fonts

– No spelling mistakes

Email your CV/Résumé to for a quote on your CV/Résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn and Indeed.

beat the CV scanner


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