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Put some pictures in your LinkedIn package

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

what an HR specialist looks for

Profiles with photos are up to fourteen times more likely to be viewed by potential employers or recruiters than faceless profiles. This should be reason enough to ensure you upload a profile photo featuring only yourself.

Keep it professional

Many LinkedIn users make the mistake of thinking that they can use the same profile photo across all of their social media networks. While this may be true if your photo is a professional head and shoulders shot, this certainly doesn’t apply if you intend using the duck face photo your best friend took of you at the party a few weekends ago!

Ensure profile pictures are only of your head and shoulders, and that it’s been taken against a light-coloured background, as this will enable you to stand out as much as possible.

Keep all other people and objects – including children, pets, wine glasses and beer cans – out of the picture.

Now with photos, documents and videos

When you think of your LinkedIn profile, chances are that you don’t give additional documentation such as photos, PDF documents or even short video clips much thought. It is possible to incorporate these into your LinkedIn profile as well. If video clips are under 100 MB in size, you can either upload the video or post a link to it on the internet.

Photos, MS Word and PDF documents can now all be added to your profile summary and job descriptions as well, enabling you to illustrate your achievements. Have you collaborated with colleagues on a special project at any time? If so, LinkedIn enables you to showcase these on your profile as well.

Profile photo tips

Although you may look fantastic in your muscle vest and swimming shorts, prospective employers are more interested in learning about the work you do. It’s already been established that drunken selfies and duck face photos don’t belong on your LinkedIn profile. Always ensure that you’re well-presented in your profile photo and that pictures in your LinkedIn profile are in fact work-related.

Professional Pictures in your Linkedin Can Help Create Connections

Any photos uploaded to your profile should also be clear and contain a short description of what’s taking place in them. This provides viewers with a better idea of what you do. Once your LinkedIn profile has been set up, it can be tempting to forget about it and think it will miraculously bring in leads on its own. If you come across an industry-related article or post, don’t be afraid to share it with your connections. If one of your connections has shared compelling content, leave a comment – or share it.

Don’t be afraid to accept new connection requests either. You have the option to check their profiles before deciding whether to accept their request or not. And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – just email Roz at to book your LinkedIn profile update today.

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