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Loretta’s Feedback on Friday

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Loretta’s Feedback on Friday

This week’s Feedback on Friday is from Loretta. I’ve been fortunate to work with her twice now! The first time, as you can see from her testimonial below, she landed a new job within a week of using her new CV!

Over the past year or so, her career has developed further. She’s acquired new skills and relevant experience, so she wanted to update her CV and online presence to best reflect these changes. She had so many new selling points to make her CV stand out even more to potential future employers!

Read what Loretta had to say about her experience…

Loretta's Feedback on Friday

One of the things I love most about my job, is that I get to see people making their dreams a reality. Changing jobs, changing career or emigrating to a new country can be some of the most stressful, but ultimately rewarding pursuits we can undertake.

I’m honoured to play a small part in my customer’s success stories.

My job is to work with you to figure out how to make your career dreams your reality.

If Loretta’s Feedback on Friday has inspired you, contact me today and we’ll make sure your CV gets noticed.


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