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Tuesday Tip

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip…

Decorate your body, not your CV!

Your CV is not a work of art and should not be decorated.

That means no illustrations, no fancy borders.

Keep the coloured ink away. Stick to black and white only.

Basically, no fussy stuff that will confuse CV scanning software, or make your potential employer cringe as they put your CV into the ‘no’ pile (before even reading it).

Your CV is a WRITTEN record of you and your work history.

Scanning software can’t read colour or weird fonts, PDF files, or anything in a table.

If your CV has any of these, chances are it’s not even being looked at.

Keep your CV simple, easy to read and to the point.

Or an even better idea is to let me write it for you!

Contact me today and we can get your CV noticed for all the RIGHT reasons.

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