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My First CV

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

My First CV

I’ve got something a little different to share with you this week…

My First CV – A Step-by-Step Guide to Success!

Are you, or someone you know, looking to get a start in the job market? How do you write your first CV, if you’ve got no work experience? Has this question been bugging you for a while? Me, too. Now you have the answer!

This book will teach you to create your perfect first CV, even when you’ve had no work experience. I’m so excited to share my thirteen years of CV writing experience with you. This is an absolute game changer!

My First CV poster
My First CV

The inspiration came from a friend, who had recently started working as a teachers’ aide.

It was her first time in this position, so she was brand new to a classroom environment. In her first week on the job, she was given the task of supervising the seniors while they wrote their CVs. She had no experience in teaching and felt incredibly inadequate, since she couldn’t help the students. She came to me with a question – ‘How do I help these kids create a CV when they haven’t done anything?’ I thought about the issue that weekend and on the Monday, presented her with a strategy which was to become the outline for this book. The fact that an inexperienced, non-teacher was given the task of assisting students with their CVs made me realise two things:

1 – Educators do not know how to help students write a CV

If they knew how to teach CV writing, they would not fob it off to an inexperienced teachers’ aide

2 – There is no resource available for teachers, to assist with CV writing

If there was one, teachers would be using it!

I hear the same lament from teachers everywhere – they don’t know how to teach CV writing to students who haven’t worked in a ‘real job.’

My dream is that this book empowers teachers everywhere to teach CV writing in a way that inspires and motivates their students. The inspiration So, whether you’re a school leaver looking to start climbing that career ladder, or an educator looking for the best way to help your students get ahead in their post-school lives, this is the book for you!

Looking forward to helping you take that first step on your career path!

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My First CV

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