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More customer success stories

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Customer success stories! It’s the best part of my job.

Many people have approached me over the years with dreams of starting a new chapter in their life. Whether it’s a move to find work in a new country, or a complete career change in their home country. I’ve been honoured to help thousands of customers’ dreams come true.

That’s why I ask customers to tell me about their goals, so I can tailor their new CV to the type of job they’re hoping to get. And over thirteen years, this formula has proven to be extremely successful! Every week has provided more customer success stories.

Just the other day, Jolien contacted me to tell me of her amazing results in successfully emigrating to Canada and finding the right job. It certainly sounded like a whirlwind few days! She was very keen to share her story, to inspire others to take action.

Read her heart-warming story below…

more success stories

What a great result for Jolien, eh?!

I was so happy to hear how things worked out even better than she’d hoped!


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