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Ernesto’s Feedback on Friday

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Ernesto’s Feedback on Friday

I was absolutely thrilled to wake up to a heart-warming email this morning. Here’s Ernesto’s Feedback on Friday. What a fantastic story!

“I cannot thank Roz and her team enough for what her CV writing skills have done for my family and I!

We had been planning to relocate to the UK, in the hope of making a better life for us all. The viability of the move hinged on my ability to find suitable, stable work. I expected that search to be long and arduous. Especially as my employment history is quite varied! It was hard to even identify what type of role I should focus on in my search.

The main theme of my working life has been being a musician. Laced through this, there has been a large amount of what some refer to as ‘low-skilled’ or ‘unskilled’ positions. Essential work, I think, is a fairer definition.

Due to the perpetually insecure nature of a career in music, I have had to take many disparate types of employment over the last twenty years. Some part-time, some full-time, some commission-only, some short contract work. This, unfortunately, doesn’t make for a compelling read to many potential employers!

Roz helped me to focus on what type of work I wanted to do, what skills and experience I had acquired over the years and how best to market myself to the UK job market, based on the profile she had helped me to build.

The entire process of working with Roz was sympathetic, super-efficient and highly professional. I can’t speak highly enough of her!

The most surprising part of the whole experience was how our family’s goal was achieved…

I WAS HEADHUNTED, SOLELY BECAUSE MY NEW EMPLOYER FOUND MY CV ON INDEED! The CV which Roz had written for me contained all the pertinent key words and highlighted all the skills this particular employer was actively searching for on that website. As a result, the employer picked my CV.

I had only uploaded my CV a couple of days before. Further to that, I hadn’t even got round to applying for any jobs on that site!

Without Roz’s guidance, I would never have realised that I could parlay my career history into a move into music teaching. I am not classically trained. My assumption was that those type of roles are reserved for musicians who’ve read the subject at university and have achieved Grade 8 in their specialist instrument(s).

I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumption!

Because of Roz’s help and diligent work; her knowledge of the workings of the modern employment market; my family and I have been able to make the move to the UK, with a dream job already in hand. Before the wheels had even left the tarmac!

If you are struggling to find your place in the job market, Roz will be your guiding light. Don’t waste any more time floundering! Get in touch with her today, so she can help you change your life, too! Your future self will thank you :)”

One of the things I love most about my job, is that I get to see people making their dreams a reality. Changing jobs, changing career or emigrating to a new country… These can be some of the most stressful, but ultimately rewarding pursuits you can undertake. So, I’m honoured to play a small part in my customers’ success stories.

My job is to work with you to figure out how to make your career dreams your reality.


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