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Zero responses to your CV? Did you choose the right CV writer?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

responses to cv

Julia commissioned the services of a CV writer from her home country but still had zero responses when applying. Then she saw my advert on Facebook and contacted me for a CV re-write.

This changed everything!

Let me tell you about Julia – she is an HR whizzkid, and highly educated and experienced in her field. The problem is that her CV was seven pages long, full of unnecessary fluff and nonsense, and I just knew it wasn’t getting read. Julia had started believing she was unemployable in Australia, which was absolutely not the case! Her CV was just letting her down in the worst possible way.

After we worked together to re-write her CV, the results improved immediately. Julia’s job hunt went from 0 response rate to 80% – absolute proof that a CV can make ALL the difference! She sent me this email:

I was getting no feedback from my applications, it was like the CV was being lost in cyberspace, which I realise now is probably the case. Your format really does work and I am so grateful for this!With my new CV, I have so much more airtime with recruiters! Now I am definitely being noticed more by recruiters, with a significant increase in the contact being made from them, my LinkedIn and Seek profiles are being viewed regularly, and I have even had calls and contact requests from recruiters in Australia.’

A good CV makes all the difference - choose the right writer!

For an HR or recruiting professional, it’s even more important for the CV to be perfect. If your CV doesn’t make the grade, it indicates a lack of knowledge and understanding of what is required for your new marketplace. So take note HR professionals – get your CV in order! Julia went on to say:

As an HR person it is really easy reading your format! It’s simple and elegant. It tells me everything I need to know in a concise and succinct manner. Your writing style also presents in a matter of fact manner and avoids over-stating (or bragging), but also gives the impression of confidence in my abilities at the same time. It hits the spot on confidence without coming across as arrogant.

Julia doesn’t have a job yet, but she is so much more confident now and has hope that a new opportunity is just around the corner. Your CV is not just a piece of paper, it could be your entire future. So make sure yours is getting the right response!


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