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CV Success: Interviews and two job offers within a week

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Jen Hill was quite convinced she would never work again… She had spent a long time recovering from severe anxiety and PTSD, which had resulted in years of unemployment, and low self-esteem- both of which made getting employment difficult.


When she explained her feelings to me, it was clear she was caught in the spiral that so many clients speak of – they continue to use an inadequate CV to apply for jobs because they don’t know how to fix it, and then blame themselves when the CV doesn’t secure interviews.

I thought I had not a hope in hell of securing any kind of employment, and after sending out résumé after résumé and not even getting a single reply back, I was feeling rather worthless,” she told me after we had completed her CV re-write.

Jen found me by accident – she had no intention of using a professional CV writing service, but stumbled across my Facebook page and spent the next few hours reading posts and reviews from clients who had been in similar situations.

How to achieve CV Success:

We connected and once we started chatting, I knew she could achieve amazing things if she just got the chance. So we set out to create the tools she needed by writing a great résumé. We worked on her CV, turning voluntary work and a small home business into a solid work history with clear skills and job tasks, showing what she had to offer potential employers.

We mentioned no negatives on the CV – only skills, knowledge and experience, presented in a way that was clear, uncluttered and easy to read. And guess what? Potential employers loved the CV and before long, Jen secured some interviews and was given multiple job offers! She sent me an email a while later with an update:

Within three months I was promoted and given the title of Assistant Manager! This made me feel so good about myself and made me believe in myself. My boss knows about my anxiety etc, and she has given me things of importance to do to boost my confidence, and messages me often to tell me thanks, and how proud she is too, and it all stemmed from your help and push in the beginning, so thanks so much!! You helped me change my life.

Everyone has something to offer an employer, everyone has valuable transferable skills and abilities. The key is to write them in a way that makes employers want to get to know you. CV Success is possible for anyone!


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