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Career change Vs Country change?

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Tuesday Tip - Career change Vs country change?

Need to change your life? Trying to figure out how to do it? I have a great tip for you this Tuesday!

So many clients come to me with dreams of starting a new chapter of their life overseas. The trouble comes when they’re also wrestling with the urge to change careers. Which dream should take priority? Here’s what you need to do…

Focus on leveraging the skills and experience you already have. Use these qualifications to get your foothold in a new country. THEN, after getting settled, make your career change happen!

It would be unreasonable to put yourself under pressure to make both moves at once. However, once your feet are under the table, you can kick on with phase two!

Give yourself the best chance of success!

Career change Vs Country change?

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Career change Vs Country change?


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