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Job Search: 10 Ways to Succeed

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

10 Ways to Convert your Career Dreams to Reality

Are you considering a career change, but unsure of how to make it happen? Regardless of whether you’d simply like to change jobs or make a fresh start in another country, just sending your existing CV / Résumé to potential employers won’t be what gets you noticed. You’ll need a professional online presence as well. Here's ten ways to help elevate your job search skills, and to stand out among thousands of other job applicants:

1. International CV / Résumé

Your CV / Résumé is the first thing potential employers will see when you’re applying for a job, so it must showcase your skills accurately and concisely. The ideal CV / Résumé should not be longer than three pages to catch the attention of recruiters. Having an updated and professional CV is one of the most important steps to succeeding in a job search.

2. Cover Letter

No job application is complete without an accompanying cover letter and this can be provided along with your new CV / Résumé. This document should clearly stipulate what you have to offer a potential employer and how your skillset will be beneficial to them. Adding a Cover Letter to your application is often presented as optional, but 83% of hiring managers report that they are important to hiring decisions.

3. Resignation Letter

When resigning from your current job, you should do so amicably and professionally. I can provide you with an appropriately worded resignation letter to help ensure that you don’t end on bad terms with your existing employer. This can help ensure that you have a reference later on, and maintains a professional reputation.

4. LinkedIn Profile

More recruiters than ever rely on platforms such as LinkedIn when searching for new talent, so it’s crucial that you have an updated presence here before you start applying for work. This will allow you to be noticed over and above several other applicants. It also allows for recruiters to see a fuller picture as to who you are, and can be influential in achieving many jobs.

5. Indeed Profile

More than 1.5 million employers search for new talent on Indeed, making this one of the most popular job searching platforms available. Having a current profile here means that you stand a far better chance of landing the job of your dreams. It also means that employers can seek to hire you, rather than requiring you to do all of the heavy lifting.

6. Seek Profile

Seek has become one of the most popular job recruiting sites for employees in Australia and New Zealand, meaning that you should have an up to date profile listed here if you intend relocating internationally. If desired, a profile can be set up here for you to ensure that you stand the best possible chance of securing a new job.

7. Job Search Guide

If you’ve become despondent because no one has responded to your job applications, it’s time to try something different. A free job search guide is available on my website that provides information regarding how and where to search and how to approach potential employers.

8. Interview Advice

Job interviews rank as one of the most stressful experiences for most individuals, even if you’ve been through the process several times already. I can provide sound advice regarding how to present the best version of you to potential employers, and have partnered with OneRecruitz, which offers interview coaching.

9. Qualified Writer

More than thirteen years’ experience as a writer allows me to provide you with a CV / Résumé, cover letter, resignation letter and professional presence on the most reliable career and job seeking sites available.

10. Proven Results

My testimonials speak for themselves, with several clients stating that their newly formatted CV / Résumé enabled them to secure employment before landing in a new country – in many cases, clients reported that they secured new positions after only sending their CV / Résumé in response to a few vacancies being advertised.

Don’t leave your career change in the hands on an inexperienced writer or fly by night that makes empty promises. Allow me to provide you with the tools you need to make that desired career change.


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