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A Misconception About The Application Process

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Make sure your application stands out from the crowd

When applying for a job, there is a misconception that an HR officer pores over every page of every application they are sent.

However, this is simply not true.

Employers are not reading your CV from cover to cover. They are skimming through your application to find the information they need.

Less than one minute is all you get

When applying for a job, you are given about one minute of their time, if you’re lucky.

CVs get perused, they don’t get studied in depth, so we have to present them with your relevant skills and  qualifications very clearly and quickly.

The reader doesn’t want to have to go searching for the information, they will just move on to the next application.

Grab their attention with your application

Therefore, don’t think you will grab their attention with fancy frills and colours, as all that does is distract the reader from the relevant information they need to find. They will lose patience and move on, which you don’t want!

Don’t include colours, frills, crazy fonts, tables and personal information such as marital status and number of children.

Focus on what you have to offer, not what you need.

Less is more these days- not like the 80’s where we listed every single thing we ever did. Leave all of the extras for the interview.

Thousands of people, just like you, have come to me for help with their CV and online employment profile over the last thirteen years. Have a look at some of the many success stories in my blog.

My job is to work with you to figure out how to make your career dreams your reality.

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Whatever your goal, you’re just a click away from making it happen.

Looking forward to working with you.


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