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Why You Shouldn’t Use a CV Template

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

A CV template cannot tailor a CV to you.

It can only provide the format for your new CV, but you are a lot more than a format. You have skills, qualifications and experiences that need to be showcased by an experienced and qualified professional wordsmith.

A template cannot transform you to a skilled writer with correct tenses, spelling and grammar (especially if English is not your first language). If your original CV has grammar and spelling mistakes, copying and pasting the information into a new template will achieve little.

You will only transfer problems from one document to another.

A template cannot tailor your CV to a specific role, for example if you want a change of career or if there is a specific advert you need to respond to. A template can only give you the layout, it cannot create the substance.

Templates cannot show you how to shrink your twenty pages down to a three page CV, while retaining all the vital and valuable information.

On the flip side, a template cannot show you how to write a mundane job as something eye-catching and enticing.

Only a skilled and qualified writer with years of experience can achieve all these things. You are up against hundreds of other applicants and your entire future is in the balance……

Don’t allow a “CV template you found online” to decide your next career move.

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