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What Your CV is Really Telling Employers About You

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Employers don’t know you.

When you apply for a job, the only impression the employer has of you, is your CV. That’s it. That is the only thing you are being judged on.

They aren’t your friend, they haven’t seen videos of you, they haven’t socialised with you. They don’t know about your sparkling personality or your awesome way with people.

All they have is your CV.

Your first job task

Regard your CV as the first job task you are completing for your potential employer.

Can you follow instructions? Is your CV the stipulated page length? Does it answer all the requirements of the advert?

If you’re in project management, HR, administration, document control, teaching, or any number of other fields, your CV is what they are using to judge your ability to do the job.

They are reading it to get an overview of what you can do for their company. You want to provide them with an excellent mental picture of where you can fit in to their operation so that they can see you in their office, doing the job and adding value to their business.

Unnecessary information?

Unnecessary information can create the impression you are going to struggle to get to the point during meetings, negotiations and other interactions. Make your CV short, sharp and snappy so that it says “I can get this job done with minimal fuss and discussion.”


Is your CV full of spelling and grammatical errors? This gives employers a very good idea of the sort of documentation you will put together within the job. It’s not a good look to have even one mistake on your CV, especially if you list a “careful eye for detail” as one of your key skills. Make sure you spell check, print it out, read it out loud, get someone else to read it and then read it out loud again. You want the employer to know that you are particular about quality checking and accuracy.


Is it overly flowery and formatted over the top with colour and frills? Again, employers will be looking to your CV for professionalism and accuracy, not the extra frills. Make it simple and easy to read, with the relevant information able to be found within seconds, don’t make them go searching for the good stuff.

A simple, no-frills CV with good, solid information will tell them that you are organised, can prioritise and focus on what is important, without getting caught up in unnecessary nonsense.

Your CV is the first example they have of your work.

What sort of example are you providing to potential employers of your future performance?

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