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Don’t let your Migration Agent write your CV

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

A migration agent should specialise in migration, but there is an alarming trend developing.

More and more clients are coming to me months after their emigration with CVs prepared by their migration agent. Some include the CV as part of the migration package, or for an additional cost.

This would not be an issue if the CVs were well written, but in most cases, the agents are not doing their clients any favours.

A Migration Agent is not a professional writer

I don’t believe you are given the best chance of success when the person writing your CV is not an HR expert, has little experience in recruiting and is certainly not a professional writer.

They are producing inferior products which, I believe, are sabotaging their clients’ employment efforts.

It’s Your Future so ask some questions

If you are in the process of relocating overseas and your migration agent offers you a CV, remember this is YOUR future they are shaping, so it may pay to ask the following questions:

– Who is writing your CV?

– Where is their client feedback?

– What is their writing experience?

– What qualifies them to write your CV?

– Will your CV be suitable for where you are applying?

Migration and employment are very different industries, which is why I never provide migration advice. I want to make sure my clients get the best advice and service possible for all aspects of the process!

I stick to what I do best.

While a CV re-write is a great opportunity for your migration agent to make a few extra dollars out of you, make sure they really are creating a CV that’s going to give you the best chance out in the field.

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