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What NOT to put on your CV

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

What NOT to put on your CV

What NOT to put on your CV…

As much as employers would love to get a well formed picture of who you are… They don’t really need to know what primary school you went to, or how many scout badges you got!

Your work history only needs to cover the last fifteen years. Anything older than that- leave it out.

Your potential employer is looking for any relevant skills and experience you could bring to the specific role they need to fill. So unless you’re applying for a job as a karate instructor, you don’t have to list your green belt in your ‘qualifications and certificates’ section.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Keep it simple.

That’s why tailoring your CV to the type of role you want is crucial.

And why thousands of people, just like you, have come to me for their CV rewrite over the last thirteen years. Have a look at some of the many success stories in my blog.


Keep the ancient history in the museum!

Looking forward to working with you.


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