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Trust a professional if you want a professional résumé

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

It’s funny how people say a plumber’s house always has a dripping tap, and a painter always has a home that needs painting…I actually get it now. After 10+ years in the Human Resources and Recruitment industry, I have written hundreds of résumés for clients and assessed hundreds of job candidates résumés. Recently I found I needed to review and update my own résumé – easy, I thought, but it wasn’t!

trust a professional with your résumé

I had no communication with the writer at all, except to send my current résumé to them, which was very disappointing. My search for a professional résumé continued and that’s when I found Roz from Résumés Etc. I contacted Roz on Facebook, and she replied promptly via private message, advising the approximate cost, and requesting that I send my current résumé, which I did.

A professional résumé that stands out from the crowd

Roz emailed me to ask my opinion on my current résumé, and I advised that I felt it was full of frilly words…fluff with no substance. Roz agreed and sent me some articles to read:

Both of these articles made complete sense to me, and I knew as my résumé currently read, prospective employers would be thinking I was full of fluff and had no substance, and at 5 pages long, who would even read it all? As Roz said, you have 20 seconds to make a great first impression.

Roz asked me what type of jobs I intended on applying for and sent me a questionnaire along with a scheduled date or delivery. The questionnaire consisted of 24 questions ranging from personal details to my aspirations, skills, referees, etc. The scheduled date was the day my résumé would be completed (provided I had supplied all requested information to Roz).

A CV is not one size fits all

I was feeling confident by this stage – the questions were simple to answer, but would assist Roz to develop an individualised résumé for me. Two days later I received my cover letter and the first page of my new CV. Roz suggested we add a link to my LinkedIn profile and directed me to an article regarding the importance of LinkedIn profiles to prospective employers.

On our scheduled date, Roz messaged to see if it was a convenient time. It was, and I was extremely excited to see the end result. Roz sent me small chunks of the résumé to give me an idea of the style. I was impressed. A few clarifying questions via Messenger and yippee my new résumé was emailed to me. The result was incredible – well formatted, well written, and concise. There were no fluffy words and the résumé showed my skills, work history and character.

Roz was easy to work with and delivered a 5-star résumé in a reasonable timeframe. During the process, I did think that lots of questions were asked of me, but after looking at the end result, I totally understood why. Roz had used this information to ensure she had a good handle on my skills, previous employers and my character, to incorporate it into the professional result. And as a result, I highly recommend Roz.

And I’m off to apply for some jobs!

Guest post by Ally Gillingham


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