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Double up and save!

Updated: Jul 15

Double up and save

Double up and save!

When you purchase your partner package, you and your partner will save $20 EACH!

Yep, you will get:-

  1. TWO CVs

  2. TWO cover letters

  3. TWO resignation letters

  4. TWO LinkedIn AND

  5. TWO Indeed (or Seek)

All for just $200! Every day thousands of couples are making plans for a new chapter in their lives. Just like you. So, you want the best package deal from the best in the business at making you look good to your future employers, am I right?


Whether you and your partner are planning that life-changing move abroad, or career change at home…  I’ll make sure you have the best chance of getting that dream job! You’ll both have the CVs and professional online profiles to get you noticed!

Double up AND save!

Your future selves are going to thank you.

Now, let’s get to work on achieving your goals

Looking forward to working with you.

I also have a weekly newsletter, with all sorts of great deals on CV packages and CV writing tips, to get you the best CV possible. Sign up here.

For more information, or to start a conversation, join us on Facebook:-

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Click HERE to claim your Partner Package

Double up and save

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