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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is always welcome and encouraged here. The reason Roz and the small team here love doing what we do, is hearing the success stories of thousands of happy customers, over the past twelve years.

It’s amazing how engaging the experienced service of a CV writing specialist, such as Roz, can make the difference between struggling along applying for jobs, getting no feedback (let alone interviews) and suddenly getting the interviews and job offers flying in.

Indeed, many customers have left comments, posts and sent messages on our Facebook page, remarking how they ended up getting jobs they had unsuccessfully applied for previously, after reapplying with their new CV!

So, what these customers are telling us is, the first time they applied, they got no response or feedback whatsoever. Then, after Roz had worked with these customers, to understand their strengths, their work history, their career goals, the new CV showed these customers as more suitable and well presented candidates for the roles in question.

Below is one of many examples of this awesome outcome for one of our thousands of happy customers, Kylie.

There are so many similar stories from our customers all over the world. We think it’s important to spotlight and share this heart-warming customer feedback, from time to time.

Looking forward to being a part of a similar journey with you, too!

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