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Change your Career Path with a Professional CV

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

do you need a job

Have you reached a point where you feel that it’s time for a career change, but you aren’t 100% sure how to go about doing so?

You may even be thinking that your current CV won’t be much help because of it being tailored to your current position. Change your Career Path with a professional CV.

Many people think that once they’ve embarked on a specific career path, they are stuck with that line of work until they retire one day. While it’s virtually never too late to make a change, you will need the right help to ensure that you secure the best possible position in any new industry – and this will come in the form of a professionally written CV.

Catering for Multiple Occupations

Regardless of whether you’re a librarian who would like to become a consultant or an au pair who is keen to work as an aged care worker, the only way you’ll get your job applications noticed is if your CV has been compiled in such a way that it stands out to prospective employers in the field you’d like to work in.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of people who felt like they had stagnated in their current job roles and needed a total career change. These have included, but have certainly not been limited to, managers, biologists, fabricators, bakers, fitters, speech therapists, surgeons, metallurgists, librarians and even funeral directors.

Specialising in Career Changes

When the topic of compiling a new CV arises, most people think that all it involves is downloading a template online and adding their personal information to it.

However, even the fanciest looking template will not be able to achieve what a professional CV can, and that is help you forge a totally new career path.

For more than 15 years, I have helped several clients by providing CVs that have helped them to secure new jobs and in many cases, make complete career changes as well. Once I’ve worked with you to compile your CV, your strengths and areas of expertise will be showcased in such a way that potential employers and HR managers will not only want to meet you; chances are that you could even be hired on the spot.

In fact, many of my clients have said that they’ve received job offers within days or even hours of sending out their new CVs.

It doesn’t matter if you want to change jobs in your current industry or create a totally new and different career journey for yourself – I will be able to assist you either way by compiling a CV that is concisely written and that showcases your work experience and qualifications in the most professional manner possible.

If you’ve been merely contemplating the thought of changing careers until now, why not take the next step and allow me to assist you by providing a professionally compiled CV? Get in touch with me today and find out more about how your new CV will be able to open doors that you may have thought were impossible to penetrate before.


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