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Recruitment Agent Partnership

Your Partner in Elevating Candidate Success

Helping you to strategically position your candidates to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Recruitment Agent Partnership

Elevate your candidates' profiles with specialised CVs.

At Résumés Etc., we understand the pivotal role recruitment agents play in connecting top talent with the right opportunities. Résumés Etc. transforms recruitment success through strategic collaboration. Our specialised CV writing services elevate candidate profiles, ensuring they stand out in the competitive market.

Why Partner with Résumés Etc.?

How does it work?

Here's how our partnership program works:

The Recruitment Agents partnership program is designed to help recruitment agents provide extended services to their clients, and in doing so, increase their chances of success. In return, recruitment agents receive a referral fee for every candidate who chooses to work with us. The fee is based on the package that the candidate selects with Résumés Etc.

The team at Résumés Etc working in the office.
"Roz did an excellent job in doing my CV and Cover Letter. After struggling for months looking for a job, I got my CV and Cover Letter redone by Roz and I got a job within two weeks. Thanks Roz!"

Adah V. R.

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Collaborating with Résumés Etc. is a strategic investment that not only enhances the success of individual candidates but also contributes to the overall performance and growth of recruitment agencies. By presenting candidates who consistently stand out, agencies can achieve heightened placement rates and increased client satisfaction.

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